2023-24 Ski Mom Discounts & Partners

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Mabel's Labels

Label every piece of gear that goes to the mountains with colorful personalized labels. Use code

SKIMOMS - 15% off your purchase

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palisades tahoe

Check out the corporate discounts page for the lowest rates on lift tickets, lodging, lessons and more at California's premier ski destination.

Use code: SkiMoms25 (not case sensitive)

Palisades Tahoe

ACL Strong

Online course to help moms strengthen properly around the knees, hips, and core to prevent or avoid injuries. This step-by-step process guides you through exercises with videos and easy instructions.

SKIMOMS - 20% off

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ACL Strong workout

Skida Accessories

Colorful accessories for all your outdoor adventures. Designs for the whole family that encourage you to get outside and play.

SKIMOMS20 -20% off

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The Ski Pack

The Ski Pack; the only hands-free and pocket-size ski carrier designed by kids, and for kids. The goal of the ski pack is simple; eliminate the fuss and stress that comes with carrying ski equipment.

SKIMOMS2024 - 15% off

Pure Mountain Fun

Iksplor Base Layers

Born for adventure and made for good 100% merino wool essentials for kids. Expect happy colors and exceptional fits. 

SKIMOM -10% off


Diamant Ski Bag

The ultimate ski bag. Stylish, sturdy and fits in an overhead compartment. Never check your boots again! 

SKIMOMS15- 15% off

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Aurora Heat Hand Warmers

These hand warmers make any glove or mitten more comfortable and WARM. Lasting for years, Aurora Heat is a natural choice for the environment. Hand warmers made from sustainably sourced beaver pelts that last for seasons unlike disposable warmers.

SKIMOMS - 10% off

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Aurora Heat

Loam Pass

Loam Pass gives you mountain biking access to 2 days at all 30+ destinations. This means you'll get more than 60 days of riding.

The pass includes not only the best resorts and bike parks but your favorite shuttle routes as well, being the Loam Pass anywhere you'd pay to bike.
Use code: SKIMOMS15 to save 15% at Loam Pass


Ski Butlers

They bring premium ski or snowboard gear to your condo or hotel and take the hassle out of the equation. Rentals for kids and adults, skis and snowboards.

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Ski Butlers

the SKi Passport

The Ski Passport journal and guide allows you to capture your mountain adventures by collecting stickers and notes from each destination you visit, all in one place. Aspire to visit every resort listed, plan trips, create bucket lists or start a book to pass on to the next generation of shredders.

SKIMOMSFUN20 -20% off

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Town Hall Apparel

High quality, sustainable apparel designed to help your kids find joy outside, and stay comfortable for longer. Purpose-built, from our community to yours.

SKIMOMS - 15% off

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Town Hall Apparel

Wild Rye Apparel

Wild Rye makes beautiful and technical mountain apparel for women. They've invested countless hours in the design of biking gear and base layers for women.

SKIMOM15 - 15% off 

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Wild Rye Apparel

Vix Protection

Cut-resistant leggings made for ski racers, by ski racers. Comfortable, warm, and extremely cut resistant.

VIX4SKIMOMS - $50 off each item

Vix Protection